Spare Parts

Performance matters and spare parts support is critical in maintaining that performance. With Plasser Australia it’s no different, our Spare Parts team can be contacted 24/7 and are there when you need them.

Plasser Australia has a fully self-contained spare parts warehouse, complete with state-of-the-art automated vertical parts storage and locating system. We carry inventory to support all Plasser machines in service throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Knowing that your performance matters, we have over 10,500 parts in stock supporting machines in service, for up to 30 years in some cases.

At Plasser we have a commitment to our customers in supporting all of their machines with a comprehensive inventory of spare parts for as long as the machines remain in economical service.

Plasser takes great pride in being able to provide ‘whole-of-life” after sales services throughout Australia and New Zealand. Providing quality OEM parts that have been manufactured in accordance with quality assured processes delivers cost effective performance.