The tamping tine

High grade tamping tines reduce the running costs of a tamping machine.  Over the past two years Plasser has worked intensively on further development to extend the service life.  The slim result promises cost-effective utilisation.

The cost efficiency of a tamping tine can be measured by the number of tamping cycles.  Therefore the goal must always be a greater number of tamping cycles and longer intervals between replacements.

In this respect the original tamping tine made by Plasser & Theurer was seen to be the standard until now.  Above all, two aspects have made a substantial difference.  Firstly, production of the tine as a Monobloc component that is forged in one piece.  Secondly, the tungsten-carbide armour which protects the surfaces that come into direct contact with the ballast and are therefore subjected to maximum wear.

New shape reduces penetration resistance.

However, better protection for high wear areas is not the only option for reducing the wear. From a preventive point of view it is equally effective to optimise the shape so that less wear occurs.

And now that is exactly what we have achieved with our new tamping tine. The tine shaft has been given a much slimmer shape which reduces the penetration resistance. The underside of the tine plate was also designed with a 5° slant so that a counterforce is built up as the tine penetrates. This provides relief where the tine is mounted in the tamping unit.

Both of these new features lower the stresses on the tine at the origin and reduce the wearing forces. Furthermore, there are fewer stresses on the tamping units which also has a positive effect on their availability.

With our new tamping tool design comes a new tamping tool price. The new Plasser & Theurer slim line, fully armoured tamping tool now costs around 65% of its predecessor.

Now available as an original spare part.

All of our customers can benefit immediately from the advantages of this innovation. The new tamping tine can now be ordered as an original spare part.

Please contact our Spare Parts team for price and availability.