Cost-efficient for a lifetime +
the quality of the original

Plasser & Theurer offers a number of options to make machine operation even more cost-effective in the long term, to be able to carry out contracts in a far more profitable way. The efficiency of track maintenance today is unprecedented.

To a large extent, this is due to the mechanised methods of work introduced by Plasser & Theurer which continue to give fresh impetus. Particularly in times of greater cost awareness in the entire railway sector, new ideas and innovative approaches are in demand. One central question that is asked again and again: how can the commercial efficiency of our machines be upheld for as long as possible?

The clear answer is our worldwide network. Maintenance services such as repairs and overhauls can be performed in well-proven Plasser & Theurer quality by our service partners located all over the world.

The same applies for the training centre in Linz. Here our customers' personnel have the possibility to attend comprehensive training programmes to learn about correct operation and servicing.

The supply of original spare parts is also important. Compared to non-original equipment manufacturer parts, they stand out due to their accuracy of fit and high-quality manufacturing. In addition, Plasser & Theurer manufactures parts according to the latest state of the art. Given the company's continual technological further developments, this is an enormous advantage.

To ensure timely and reliable supply of original spare parts to all regions of the world, Plasser & Theurer operates a modern logistic centre in Linz. Of 1 million parts in total, about 60,000 different original parts are always held in stock also for machines that have already been in operation for several decades. Every year, about 7 million parts are dispatched.