Unimat 09-32/4S Dynamic

The machine is designed as a three-part vehicle.  The main section of the machine is carried by two 2-axled bogies.  The main frame is arched and encompasses the moving sub frame (‘satellite’) which carries all working units of the tamping machine. The satellite is supported on the track at the rear on a 2-axled bogie and is connected to the machine’s main frame at the front via two longitudinal roller guides.

The power car is mounted on two 2-axled bogies and carries the two main engines, two hydro-dynamic traction systems (via two power shift transmissions), a 1600 litre hydraulic tank, generator set and dual 4000 litre fuel tanks. A cabin for travelling in the reverse direction is positioned directly at the end of the power car. Measuring trolleys for the optional recording systems offered would be mounted underneath the power car.