FUM 100.128

The FUM100.128 consists of well-proven components and has been specially adapted for the conditions on the DB. This machine is able to install and remove contact wire and carrying cable in just one operation without twisting and with the required, final tension for train services.

Essentially the machine is equipped with the following components:

  • Sturdy frame construction, assembled using up-to-date welding techniques and production methods. Engine, hydraulic system and associated units are positioned underfloor.
  • Undercarriage with two 2-axled bogies, hydrostatic drive on all four axles during working operation.
  • Cabin with driver's control desk and four seats as well as the control cabinet for the program control.
  • Loading crane for loading and unloading the storage drums.
  • Two almost identical winch units, each positioned on a frame for slewing, in order to achieve the lateral position of the contact wire. Mounted on this are:
    • Drum tensioning wheels, positioned in separate frames to be laterally displaceable.
    • Friction winches produce the pre-selected tension forces for contact wire and carrying cable.
    • Lifting masts with guide rollers enable the required installation height of contact wire and carrying cable.

Using the assembly-line method, contact wire and carrying cable are installed with the defined final tension which can be adjusted in the range from 8 to 28 kN. The electronic measuring and control system holds the selected tension constant, independent of all travel movements of the machine. This enables clamping into the brackets and steady arms and installation of the droppers to be performed during installations. Post-adjustment due to possible slanting position of brackets, steady arms and droppers is usually not necessary.