MGW 10

The MGW 10 motorised platform car is a two-axled universal vehicle for installation of catenary, for maintenance and inspection of overhead lines and for transport of people and material.

Economical in operation, this machine concept, developed on the basis of many years of experience, provides maximum safety for all jobs in connection with the installation and maintenance of catenary.  In practical operation two identical units are used and they are coupled together for the necessary transfer runs.

Due to the underfloor positioning of the complete drive unit – engine, gearbox, driving shaft – sufficient space is left for all necessary superstructures.

The MGW 10 has a hydrodynamic drive.

The enclosed, soundproofed spacious cabin houses the driver’s control desk and a crew room.

In addition to this there is a column lifting platform designed in three parts, hydraulically adjustable in height which can be laterally displaced additionally on two of these levels.

The machine is also equipped with a fully hydraulic contact wire and a carrying cable holder, an earthed pantograph and a contact wire measuring unit.