RM 900

The RM 900 is a fully hydraulically driven multiple-car machine with 8 powered axles and 6 idle axles, consisting of front drive car, screening car, excavation car and rear power car.  Excavating car and screening car coupled together by buffers and draw hooks.


Front Drive Car: Conveyor belts for spoil, slewing spoil conveyor belt which is turned for transfer travel, drive unit and cabin with driver’s control desk at the front end.

Screening Car: Two eccentric oscillating screens, conveyor belts for excavated material, cleaned ballast and spoil.

Excavating Car: Excavating chain, crane for assembly chain cutter bar, track lifting and slewing devices, conveyor belts for transport of excavated material to the screening car, return transport of the cleaned ballast, ballast store for cleaned ballast, ballast distributing and profiling plough, cabin ahead of the excavating chain.

Rear Drive Car: Conveyor belts for new ballast, hopper for storing of new ballast, social cabin and cabin with driver’s control desk at the rear end.